It's your day!!

Hey girl,

It's gonna be your big day. How do you want to be remembered? Invite your guests into a custom experience with you.

We can build your very own template that will match your wedding. Our booth will be an amazing extension of the fun and the memories of your day!  With our booth your guests can brag instantly about how amazing your wedding is.

Unlike traditional photo booths, our sleek selfie booth, allows many more of your guests to be in the same picture. With many different ways to share, every guest will go home with a tangible reminder of your perfect day.

We aren’t just a photo booth, we are an experience.

Great idea and definitely keeps the party going!!! Keep up the phenomenal work guys
— Kahlil E, Happy Customer

Talk about my event!

nO hassle

We will show up ahead of time and make sure our station is set up to fit your wedding, one of our selfie guys will stay and make sure that everything goes smoothly. You won't have to worry about a thing. Your guests will enjoy using the Selfie Station and creating memories at your wedding.


We have different filters to choose from, which your guests will have fun picking. We will add props that make the pictures more interesting. In fact, we have many different customizations you can add that aren't included in the basic package. Check it out here

what you can add

  • A custom template that will match your wedding
  • Short videos so your guests can give toasts 
  • Custom made picture props
  • Green screen that will transform your background into whatever you want
  • Extra time