What is an open air photo booth?

You'll be glad you found The Selfie Guys because we are so much more than the traditional photo booth.

Our open air photo booth is revolutionizing the way people think of the word “photo booth”. Think of it as a giant selfie camera, or an unconstrained photo booth. The possibilities are limitless.

What makes our open air photo booth so much better than a traditional photobooth in Lancaster?


You can fit more people in one picture


You want to have people involved at your event, right? A small closed-in photo booth isn’t the way to go. It only allows for a few people to fit into the booth. If that isn’t the kind of involvement that you are looking for, we can fit at least eight people into one picture!

This creates better engagement with the people in attendance - the more people, the more fun!

Higher quality photos

Remember that nostalgic photo booth with the grainy pictures? It’s time for an upgrade. The Selfie Guys use professional grade cameras to take the photos that you can print, share digitally, and save. This means no more pixelated pictures. Our photo quality is high definition, which works great for printing and downloading online.

Your own personal attendant


We don't leave you out to dry after setting up the photo booth. We always send a personal attendant to your event to make sure everything runs smoothly. You can have the confidence in our fun, relatable staff who makes sure that everyone is having fun and enjoying the full capabilities of the Selfie Guys Open Air Photo Booth.

Instant sharing on social media

Unlike traditional photo booths, The Selfie Guys offer many different ways that to share your photos. You can instantly share them on your social media. You can add custom hashtags and your own captions.

We also print the photos, for a tangible take-home memory.

Special backdrops

Our Selfie Station uses green screen to create custom backdrops for your events. Now there is nothing holding you back from where you can go! Whether your guests want to be in front of The Eiffel Tower or Mount Everest, we can do that for you. You are not limited to the same backdrop as everyone else… so have fun! Go on a photo vacation with us!

Crazy props


We have more props than anyone else. Period. And without walls, we can go outside the box with huge props. We have a large variety that can be custom tailored to your event. This makes The Selfie Guys Open Air Photo Booth more fun interactive and the other ones you are looking at.

Setup a time to meet with us and we'll tease you with a few of our awesome props! 

No walls

Without walls, your guests are able to watch the people taking the pictures, and watching people take a pictures becomes half the fun. The Selfie Station becomes a hub of entertainment for everyone!