Birthday Party

Hey Mom,

So I know you are working hard to plan my party, just wanted to let you know how cool The Selfie Guys are. They would create a custom template that would go right along with the superhero theme you are working on. All of my friends could take pictures with me in my costume. Then we could put all those picture on Facebook so all the other moms see how awesome you are.

Thanks for planning my party!!

Love you!

Easy to work with and definitely a crowd pleaser! Great time had by all, young and all! Will be using for future events.
— Tara N, Satisfied Customer

Talk about my event!

What does the setup look like?

Quick, easy and clean setup. We won't make much noise or mess, and we always make sure to leave it cleaner than when we got there. Our Selfie Guy will get there early and stay late to make sure everything's running smoothly. We will set up our Selfie Station, along with a backdrop and props before the event starts.

What makes our booth unique?

Don't think of a photo booth, think photo booth without walls, we call it an open air photo booth. Our Selfie Station is state of the art. It's like a giant iPhone, with a big quality camera and a 32 inch touch screen.

Easy for your kids to figure out and fun to use.

Fully connected to the internet, you can instantly and seamlessly share photos on social media, email or text. We also do the old school printing photos for a more tangible memory.  An 8GB flash drive will have all of the photos on it for you to enjoy

 What can I add?

  • Custom props, different backgrounds, or a green screen that can transport you anywhere.

  • Unlimited photo prints

  • Extended time